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I love this World War Z poster

World War Z poster

I’ve seen people stop and stare, totally mesmerized, at this poster on a busy tube platform. (I’ve done that too, more than once.)

I love how it puts you right in the middle of the action, puts you right there with Brad Pitt in the helicopter gazing out over the zombie apocalypse. Brilliant.

Let’s hope the movie is as immediate and exciting.

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  • RogerBW

    I’m not optimistic, but I’m always hopeful.

    (A mate who’s done it says: if you stand that close to the back of a Chinook, all the crap from everywhere nearby blows in and hits you in the face.)

  • teenygozer

    I hope this isn’t gonna be a case of yet another in series of super-stalwart white men savin’ the world for the rest of us, but the previews *are* realistic-looking and terrifying and Pitt is adorably scruffy and concerned. These are not your daddy’s slow-moving, “braaaaains”-eatin’ zombies; they look like a plague of locusts.

    The book is interesting, the theme is governmental stupidity and the inevitable venal corruption of anyone who gets to be in charge of something: I understand the PTB already nixed most of the more political stuff because they hope to sell it in China. The Chinese govt was not going to be copacetic about how the book extrapolates from that time they got caught trying to cover up a few cases of SARS and almost caused a pandemic.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    fyi: this post isn’t on the front page as far as I can see. I only found it through my Twitter feed.

  • I’m aware of that it isn’t on the front page. That’s deliberate.

    Probably regular readers are going to want to bookmark the “all recent posts” page. The idea with the new homepage is to highlight what I think are the most interesting posts of recent vintage (which aren’t neccessarily going to be the very latest posts) in order to show off the mix of content here for new visitors.

    If I don’t see any significant results from that, perhaps I’ll reconsider and go back to a more traditional blog-style home page.

    The idea is that a quickie post like “I love this poster” shouldn’t get equal prominence with my latest reviews.

  • Thank you. I was wondering the same thing as Dr. Rocket. I kind of figured that’s what you were going for. I just click “all recent posts” and I’m good to go.

  • Think of the front page of the site as like the cover of a magazine. It doesn’t list everything that’s insane, just the stuff that (hopefully) entices you to come inside.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Gotcha. I just wasn’t sure if the front page was being generated manually or automatically. Also, since the Memorial Day weekend post was still there a week later, I thought maybe something in the algorithm had gotten stuck. I’ll be sure to click through lots and lots. XD

  • Danielm80

    Please don’t ever fix that typo.

  • What typo?

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