Kickstarter worth supporting: Lay in Wait


I am constantly bombarded with requests from filmmakers to promote their Kickstarter campaigns, and while I couldn’t possibly mention them all — I’d do nothing but, if I started — I’ve decided that I will occasionally highlight those I think seem particularly promising or interesting. Here’s the first:

“Lay in Wait”:

Maggie, a young married woman, awakens to the final morning of an extramarital camping trip with her lover. During the drive back home, she is shocked to discover her wedding ring is lost. The couple returns to the forest, and in the entangled thicket of nature, Maggie desperately searches for the symbol of her matrimony. As the day yields into night, the search becomes more and more punishing. What will be lost as the sun sets? And as it rises again, what will remain?

Why I like this one:

A few reasons. The film is about a woman who is a mess and has to reconsider her actions and the course of her life, which is a rarity. And the money raised from the Kickstarter will go toward paying the people who are actually making the film, which is another rarity in our creative culture that expects people to do work they love for free. Plus their promo video is really smart and gently funny.

More here. They’re looking to raise another $9,000 in the next week to meet their $33,000 goal.

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