the wit and wisdom of Walter Murch at Sheffield Doc/Fest

Legendary sound and film editor Walter Murch was at Sheffield Doc/Fest this past weekend (as I was), to present this latest work as film editor, Particle Fever [IMDb], and also to do a talk about his work. I missed the film (but will catch up with it soon|ETA: here’s my review) but attended his talk — it was as informative and inspirational as you might imagine it would be to hear from the man who edited sound on The Conversation and helped create the incredible documentary-style sequence in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, among his many other impressive credits. During the talk, I tweeted some of Murch’s wit and wisdom — Doc/Fest encourages tweeting, so I wasn’t being disruptive — which, for all the complexity of his experience and knowledge, was often surprisingly easy to boil down to 140 characters or less. As Murch himself said at one point, the most profound ideas sometimes are quite simple.

Here are those tweets:

And be sure to check out the photo of Murch’s own personalized Doc/Fest cupcakes his wife was proudly showing off after the talk.

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