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15% off everything for U.S. Zazzle shoppers

biast cinevore T-shirts

Save 15% on everything at the U.S. Zazzle store with code BDAYBAGTREAT, through 11:59pm Pacific time Saturday July 13th.

My U.S. store is here.

Everything is available internationally, too:

All my Zazzle products net me the minimum royalty Zazzle allows, which is 10%. (I could mark the prices higher and take a larger percentage, but I’m not doing that.) So a small portion of your purchase goes to support my work here, and support from readers is the only financial support it gets. (That also comes via subscriptions and Amazon affiliate links, which you’ll find around the site.) No one cuts me a paycheck for the mountain of work I do here, and you can see that there’s no advertising here. Thanks for your support.

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