Doctor Who thing: read my zine The Cricketer online


Yesterday’s Thing about how the U.K. National Media Museum wants our Doctor Who memorabilia got me thinking that I would submit a copy of my 1989 fanzine, The Cricketer — devoted, of course, to the Fifth Doctor — if I could, which I can’t, because the only copy I have is back in storage in New York. But I figured I’d have a Google and see if I could find the cover, at least, online — lots of fan stuff ends up getting scanned, and maybe I could at least submit the cover and see if there was any interest from the museum.

What I found instead is the entire zine scanned as a PDF and readable online at Life, Doctor Who, and Combom. I kinda wish they’d asked me first — I would have said “Go right ahead” — but it’s nothing I’m upset about. To the contrary, I get to share with you a Thing that is my own Thing, from a predigital past, and now available to anyone anywhere to read.

If you’re a fan of Peter Davison’s Doctor, you might enjoy The Cricketer.

Fandom was a big deal for me in those pre-Internet years. I made some very good friends because of Doctor Who, people I’ve known now for decades, including Bren in AR and my BFF forever bronxbee, both of whom post comments here occasionally. Writing Doctor Who fan fiction was the first intensive writing I did. Thinking about Doctor Who — and Star Trek and Starman (the TV show) and Blake’s 7 and other properties — was the first real critical thinking on media I did. And it was because of my mini-career publishing fanzines that I got my first job in publishing in New York.

Enjoy. Or you can laugh at it. That’s fine too.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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