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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

English school summer fete photo of the day: the loneliness of the Splat the Rat girl


I confess I never understood how Splat the Rat was played.

  • althea

    NO, NO, NO!!! Not the dreaded misplaced apostrophe at a SCHOOL fete, for heaven’s sake! One is mortified.

  • Danielm80

    That’s why her face was blurred out of the photo.

  • I just wonder what a “fete” is. As each new photo appears, the question remains the same. Google be damned.

  • I explained a bit with the first fete photo. It’s a fundraiser for the school.

  • althea

    Marky, it’s a lot like a trade school carnival. Outdoor fun and games, like Whack-A-Rat, Hook-A-Duck, and coconut shies, and cake stalls, tombolas, that sort of thing.

  • his is the first one I actually clicked through to, so I missed that. Oops.

  • althea

    I meant grade school carnival.

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