heads-up! “new Doctor Who to be revealed at Albert Hall tonight”

I wasn’t planning on listening to the Proms tonight, but I might have to now. From SFcrowsnest:

The fantasy and science fiction author Stephen Hunt is reporting that at last night’s rehearsals for the Doctor Who-themed proms at the Albert Hall, the staff gathered there were briefed on a section of the proms where the identity of the new Doctor will either be revealed, or they will actually walk out live on stage tonight…

Stephen has said to SFcrowsnest.org.uk that he won’t scoop us on who he was told the new Doctor is (or at least, who the Albert Hall staff were told it is, which might not be the same thing), as he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise for a capacity audience of mainly families at tonight’s concert in London.

Tonight’s Proms will be simulcast on BBC Radio 3 starting at 7:30pm, ending at 9:45pm. You can listen online at BBC Radio 3 or via BBC iPlayer. You don’t need to be in the U.K. to listen in (though you might need to be in the U.K. to download iPlayer if you don’t already have it).

UPDATE: Nice concert, but no unveiling of the new Doctor. We were punked.

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