I don’t know why everyone hasn’t subscribed to Movie Cheat Sheet

I’m starting to add little notices like this below new reviews


in the hopes that this will encourage you all to see what you’re missing in my Movie Cheat Sheet email newsletters.

Basically: early in the week you get an email with a quick rundown of what’s new on DVD and VOD, with a traffic-light rating, a quick blurb, and — if I’ve written a full review — a link to more on the film. Late in the week, you get another email running down new releases in multiplexes and arthouses. There’s one featured new movie in each edition, and then the rest looks kinda like this:


There are editions for both U.S./Canada and for the U.K. (which also includes the Republic of Ireland). And this is new: you can now chose to receive only the DVD/VOD or only the multiplex editions. (You can take all four if you want, too, at no extra charge.)

Check out a whole sample issue here.

The idea is, you get all in one place and at-a-glance my take on almost everything that’s new in the movie realm that you could be putting your eyeballs on.

More newness: the individual movie pages at TheMovieCheatSheet.com — which will be linked in those notices above, and to which the “more” links in the email newsletter take you — are no longer behind a paywall. An exchange I had with a confused subscriber today convinced me that the paywall for those pages is overkill: the cool useful worth-paying-for thing is the service that reminds you, via email, what’s worth seeing and what’s worth skipping.

I’m making all this stuff up as I go. I apologize for any confusion and all the to-ing and fro-ing.

FlickFilosopher.com subscribers can get Movie Cheat Sheet for free, as a bonus for subscribing. Or you can subscribe to Movie Cheat Sheet separately.

If you’re already getting the Cheat Sheets and have any feedback, feel free to post it here. If something’s stopping you from subscribing, I’d like to hear that, too.

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