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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

“there’s no sexism in gaming,” so get back in the garage and build us a car, boys


You dudes need to stop worrying your handsome little heads over this. It’s a nonissue, okay? Cara Ellison at New Statesman understands:

The males who say they they are not represented by our videogame heroines are merely ignoring the fact that women have all the disposable income. Despite this, they whine and whine about how they would like to see Alex Vance actually do something in his scenes in the game, instead of fawn and flirt with our heroine Freewoman. Can’t they just enjoy the fantasy? It’s no reflection on real life: no women really shoot alien headcrabs in laboratory settings, and neither do males occupy secondary positions in most parts of our society and sit around to gratify our need to become pregnant. That would be absurd. Fantasy is not reality: we go to our games to get away from reality. Why don’t you just enjoy the fantasy? Games are a special medium, completely separate from our wider culture and any attempt to put them in context is just insulting.

To anyone getting their boxers in a bunch over this, I say: buy the games with the male protagonists. There are at least four of them. They are attractive, virile boy characters with a lot going for them. Show us you mean business by buying those titles. Lawrence Croft is still an icon: that bulging crotch and tight ass, the washboard abs – what more could you want to identify with? He’s everything you aspire to. And those of you who complain we didn’t put any clothes on him – he became an icon because of that lack of clothes! And Lawrence Croft has trousers now, think about that. Women’s interest in a sexy, provocative young male is what gave Lawrence Croft his iconic status. Stop asking for special treatment by the games industry, we are making the best games in whatever way we see fit.

Please do go read the whole thing. It’s a refreshing breath of reason in a pile-on of cray-cray from irrational, overly emotional boys.

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  • LaSargenta


    But, she didn’t mention my personal favorite (of the often visible) bit to look at: The legs. Need to be well-muscled, nice mango-calves, definition in the thighs. Don’t understand the tendency of gym rats to do upper body work only.

  • Jonathan Roth

    Awesome! Nice to see the sexist twists in the comments there getting a good intellectual thrashing as well. :D

  • RogerBW

    I like flight sims. Nobody cares what sex the pilot is. :-)

  • Ivan


    If all that fisting-plus none-sense stops tomorrow and I’ll build you a damn helicopter.

  • Steve

    I understand the reversal and there’s nothing sexist about any of it.

    The part that most people seem to avoid, is the fact that if this reversal was a reality, most men simply wouldn’t have ever bothered playing videogames. They have that choice.

    Most men don’t read romance novels(and just look at the covers on those things).

    Sexism is not an issue in the videogame industry.

  • Danielm80

    If someone asks for an example of Poe’s Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law), I’ll point them to your comment.

  • merri

    Why are Larry Croft’s nipples exposed?!

  • The human body is natural and beautiful! What are you so upset about? It’s totally normal for a handsome man to traipse through the jungle with little protection for his body.

  • Tonio Kruger

    Well, it worked for Tarzan…

  • Yeah… back in an era that had lots of strong women characters.

  • Hellbringer

    this shit is just stupid , sexist pigs the worst of them are these modern feminists they are sexist man haters and not feminsts at all as even the true feminsts have come out against them in debates . worse sexist in games well sorry men have it worse 1000 times over but o wait say in GTA a woman got killed o no she has a vagina but who cares for 5000 men that were gunned down before her. also its a game instead of wrecking it for fans go play a different game that suits your appeal .

    wtf is wrong with people this man hating and race baiting is insane pushed by the modern feminists and SJW and BLM mixed with mental illness of left wing nut jobs but lucky this is why Trump won because people have finally opened there eyes and are sick of the lies like pay wage gap or campus rape its horrible but articles like this just keep this mental illness going .

  • Hellbringer

    its because America is a disgrace of late they have no issue of killing or beating a person to death on shows but nudity is a sin so bad worse then violence lol . disgusting ? the human body is amazing and why not put it in if i play a game or watch a show i want to see stunning men and woman not unhealthy fat 400 pound people who were lied to and were told you can be big and sexy and healthy lol. its disgusting this lie Oprah and other shows spread you can be big and sexy and healthy this is scientifically proven false but west basses everything om emotions now days instead of facts its more of lets lie to ourselves daily just to feel good instead of getting healthy and fit lets act like 350 pound is a perfect size

  • Danielm80

    And here we have, verbatim, a preview of the next State of the Union address.

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