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Tom Hiddleston is *such* a geek, turns up as Loki at Comic-Con

Costumes are a big deal at Comic-Con. I bet Tom Hiddleston’s Loki costume was the best one there:

Via Just Jared, which tells us:

Tom Hiddleston takes the stage at the Thor: The Dark World panel as his villainous character Loki during 2013 Comic-Con on Saturday (July 20) at the Convention Center’s Hall H in San Diego, Calif.

“Humanity… look how far you’re fallen. Lining up in the heat… chattering together in the dark… like beasts!” Tom said as the hall went pitch black before his appearance.

Here’s another angle (audio not as good, though):

Tom Hiddleston wins Comic-Con.

Tom Hiddleston Loki Comic-Con

  • Danielm80

    If he could get them to shout that, I wonder what else he could get them to say. Maybe they could sing “Throw the Jew Down the Well.”

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I appreciate how game he is at these events, but I kinda wish he could have at least tried to make it through the whole thing without cracking a smile every time anyone cheered. Especially since he evidently went straight backstage to change into street clothes for the rest of the panel. It’s one thing to be a cosplayer, another for an actor to do a little of the character while at a panel. But when you’re the actor known for the role, in full costume, you really should commit.

  • Nic

    Yeah, but staying in character isn’t just a matter of keeping a straight face. I can’t imagine Loki not thrilling to that sort of reaction from an audience, so why should Hiddleston ignore it? Not to mention, when you’re in front of a live audience, you really have to be prepared to modify your timing and delivery in accordance with the reaction you’re getting off the audience, because it’s very much a two-way thing.

  • Bluejay

    Tom Hiddleston wins Comic-Con.

    Personally, I’d say he comes in a very close second. But the video from Comic-Con that made my head explode involves Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  • ✖ Éva ✖

    Loki grins a lot, it’s almost a trademark thing with him. I think him smiling widely when an adoring crowd chants his name over and over again is very much in character. Loki would enjoy that sort of attention a lot. I think Tom gave an excellent performance, I don’t think he broke character at all. Those grins were pleased and sharp Loki grins and not Tom’s usual happy grins.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I dunno, those don’t look to me like in-character, Loki-reveling-in-attention laughs. They look like Tom-can’t-hold-it-together-for-3-minutes guffaws. And the performance is a little inconsistent: sometimes he speaks very much in character, other times he’s clearly just tossing out well-known lines. The former is much more impressive than the latter.

    But, y’know, this is a personal preference thing. I’m not an actor, but I did do some amateur theater (college and community) years ago. A couple of times we went out and did some in-costume appearances to promote the production. (I specifically recall showing up at an elementary school as Conrad Birdie, and a high school as Borrachio.) I’m no Johnny Depp, but I did take it as a point of pride to not break character in front of any audience while in costume. Admittedly, some of my castmates thought I was a little over the top, but hey… :)

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    see my reply to Nic. :)

  • No Oscar for Tom!

  • Hard to tell if you’re kidding or not…

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    I’m of two minds about the new Cosmos. on the one hand, Dr. Tyson is a goddamn rock star.

    On the other, in the late ’70s, my father did lighting and effects at KCET, the Los Angeles PBS station that produced the original Cosmos. In addition to building sets, he designed the effects for the clouds of Venus and Saturn. While I never got to meet Dr. Sagan, I was at the studio with my dad one day while they were building the set for the Starship. They let me ride up the lift and help hook up the movie screen that was the ship’s view window. I was 5 or 6 years old. So, you know, nostalgia.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Well, not for this. :D

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    No, I’m serious. It’s the kind of wierd thing I notice. Of course, I’m only seeing it on youtube. If I’d gotten to be in Hall H, I’d probably have been too tired, hot, and uncomfortable to notice. >.>

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Also, we’re all geeks here. You know that you can have my nitpicking when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. ;-)

  • Jo

    As if calling out a hate slur should be taken as slightly as chanting a character’s name? That may only happen in your own world.

  • Um, what Jo said. What did you mean by this?

  • Touché.

  • Danielm80

    Well, it’s important to note that I haven’t had nearly enough caffeine today.

    But I think it’s hilarious that Hiddleston called the audience “mewling quims” and several other insulting terms, and he presented himself as an evil overlord who wants to take over the world–and the audience immediately started shouting out his name and volunteering to serve as his army.

    Don’t get me wrong. I would have shouted out his name, too. Tom Hiddleston is awesome, and his speech was really funny. I immediately forwarded the link to another Avengers fan.

    But in the movie, Loki believed that we’re all mindless hordes who just want to be ruled. So the Comic-Con clip reminded me of Borat and the scene where the audience starts singing anti-Semitic comments, because they’re set to a catchy country tune. I assume the audience at Comic-Con was being ironic (and my comment wasn’t entirely serious), but, for me, the video was just as disturbing as it was funny.

  • I doubt the audience’s reaction is an accurate representation of how they’d behave if Loki were a real alien invader would-be overlord.

    Fans behave the same way around people in Dalek and Cyberman costumes, too. And Darth Vader costumes. People like *fictional* bad guys, particularly if they’re really fantastical and over the top. I think it would be hard for even a great actor to get a laugh inviting an audience to exterminate the Jews.

  • kittyduran

    This ^^^ I kept on thinking about the Stuttgart scene in “The Avengers” while watching the various videos of this performance. Loki’s smile/laugh IMHO is sadistic in nature. He’s thinking that this is way too easy. The reaction he got from Hall H confirmed all of his warped assumptions about the human race.

    As for Tom’s performance (can you even call it cosplay?)- he knew about this event a couple weeks beforehand to prepare. The delivered lines were rehearsed with some variations on the classics. Seemed to me that maybe a few lines were never spoken. Either he forgot the lines (unlikely) or decided on stage that they were inappropriate. Wonder if he was looking for more audience interaction when he was pointing? Hoping that someone would ask a question so Loki could deliver some putdowns? It was mostly screaming, except for the chanting of Loki at the beginning and the guy shouting about his wife towards the end.

    Anyway, it was a fantastic display of the magnetic power of Tom Hiddleston… the tumblr meltdowns are now legendary!

  • Bluejay

    So I’m rereading this thread a day before Trump’s inauguration, and sobbing and laughing at the same time.

    Someone uncurl me from my fetal position after Jan. 20.

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