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what cool job from movies would you love to do (and what would suck about it)?


I ran across an intriguing headline recently:


This is from a site called Guyism, which is exactly the sort of site you’d expect it to be and so actually includes “gangster” and “international assassin” on its list of cool movie jobs and doesn’t seem to understand why being a “globe-trotting archaeologist” or “wacky scientist” or “space smuggler” wouldn’t suck. Or at least they home in on the wrong things that would suck: sticking it to The Man so much that The Man is furious as hell at you is part of why Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds are cool and a bonus part of their job, not a negative.

(If you’re suspecting this post is merely a pretext to post another picture of Nathan Fillion, you wouldn’t be wrong about that. Neither “movie blogger” nor “film critic” has ever been the occupation of a movie protagonist, as far as I know, but getting to post pictures of Nathan Fillion whenever you want is definitely a cool thing about the job.)

(And now I’m gonna have to write a story about a kickass movie blogger who saves the world. Don’t think I won’t.)

So let’s put a slightly more positive spin on Guyism’s concept:

What cool job from movies would you love to do (and what would suck about it)?

Dream big, and have fun.

(If you have a suggestion for a Question, feel free to email me.)

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