Doctor Who thing: awesome fan-made 50th-anniv posters

Fans are busy filling the time until the upcoming 50th-anniversary special, which will air on November 23rd, by creating posters capturing the story we imagine we’re going to see. There’s these, via @WhovianWithABox via Kasterborous; no credit available):


Those use elements from the official poster. These next ones take flights of fancy. DaMovieMan on deviantArt created a series of posters commemorating the three recent Doctors. Here they are all together:


See them separately here: Ninth Doctor | Tenth Doctor | Eleventh Doctor.

By MrPacinoHead on deviantArt:


Not a poster, but a “still” from the 50th, by SkinnyGlasses on deviantArt:


I really like this one, by Umbridge1986 on deviantArt:


(I don’t know if Umbridge1986 developed that logo with the “50” replacing the graphic of the TARDIS, but it’s brilliant.)

This one, by dalekdon-fanart on deviantArt, is very nice:


This one, found at SookieStackhouse.com (it’s not clear who the artist is), is fantastic! I love the creepy play on the question of who the Doctor is:


This one — by headfuzzbygrimboid on etsy and available as a poster — might be my favorite:


It’s a Dalek seen from above… and also a riff on oh-so-British Underground iconography. Amazing.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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