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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

I’ll be in Amsterdam Dec 1 through Dec 6

Would love to meet any readers who might be in the vicinity.

Google Analytics tells me that Amsterdam is the 80th most popular city among my readers… out of 8300+. So, top 10 percent! Gotta be a few of you there who might like to meet for a drink.

Drop a comment if you’re interested, and we’ll see if we can set something up.

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  • Karl Morton IV

    80th most popular!?! What on earth can be wrong with them all??? ;) Such a pretty town!

  • Jan_Willem

    As one of your Dutch readers, I’d be more than happy to meet up, have a chat and a drink. Don’t expect to be buying any yourself, though! I lived in and around Amsterdam for some 17 years and still live quite nearby, so please let me know if you need any touristy recommendations. The 5th is probably not a good day for a meet-up, due to many people celebrating Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) at home or with friends.

  • OMG, are there Sinterklaas events?! I’d love to see something really Christmassy.

    What’s your favorite thing to do in Amsterdam?

    At the moment, my schedule is wide open. Let’s see if anyone else is interested before we set a date.

  • Town’s too pretty. Everyone’s outside enjoying it, not sitting at home at their computers (or watching movies).

  • Jan_Willem

    I’m mostly a music and theatre person, but not averse to other stuff. You might want to go to the recently re-opended and restored Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, all three conveniently situated around the Museumplein. As is the Concertgebouw. You really should pay a visit to the ultramodern EYE film museum – also a great location for a meet-up, with its widescreen view on the IJ river from the restaurant.

  • BrianJKelly

    Have fun! =)

  • bronxbee

    does Sinterklaas still come in by boat to the harbor in amsterdam on Dec. 5th (6th)? with black peter and his white horse?

  • Jan_Willem

    No, he arrives a couple of weeks earlier, so that he can roam the country, be received in town & country and at schools, and children can set their shoe by the fireplace (or some modern equivalent thereof) at night and sing a little song for him. If all goes well, they’ll find a little present in it in the morning. Bonus points for sweet kids who put a carrot in their shoe for the Saint’s white horse on which he rides across the roofs. (In many ways Sinterklaas seems to have been a Wodan substitute.) December 5th is actually St. Nicholas’ Eve.

  • bronxbee

    oh. that’s disappointing… i was hoping maryann could catch that.

  • lescarr

    Speaking as a tourist, absolutely the best way to see Amsterdam is to take the Yellow Bike tour. Plus a canal boat tour. Also to walk around the city.

  • Hughgo

    Hi if you have time and want some great food please call in and see Mike at the Drover’s Dog Café https://www.facebook.com/DroversDog.

  • Hughgo

    Hi I’ve just realised that you have the same name as my partner only she spells it with an e at the end. The Drover’s Dog has an Australian basis. My partner has just been there and she says the Van Gogh Museum was great. Have a great trip whatever you do.

  • Barry

    I’m not Dutch but I’ve been working in Amsterdam for a few months. I’ve enjoyed your writing for years and would be great to meet you to say hi if the venue and time you pick suits. Will you be posting that here? Just to add to what Jan_Willem wrote below – if you are going to the Van Gogh museum, best time to go is on Friday nights from 6PM onwards as they always have events and talks lined up at that time.

  • Ralph

    Hi MaryAnn,
    Unfortunately I will be frightfully busy and unable to meet you, But I do wish you a very good time in Amsterdam. Be careful not to be mugged, though, and don’t do drugs ;-)
    Have a great time and be safe!
    Ralph (long time reader)

  • How would Sunday evening work? My brother and I arrive on Sunday afternoon, and that might be a good way to ease us into the city.

  • Would Sunday evening work for you? My brother and I arrive on Sunday afternoon, and that might be a good way to ease us into the city.

  • Bart

    I could possibly meet you on Sunday, but I wouldn’t know why I would! I like your reviews, they ALWAYS get a read after Ebert. I don’t know which review of yours made me a ‘fan’ but it was the first one I read by you, and I sympathized immediately. Something about the tone. If you were to let me know you were dying to meet me, well, then…

  • Alex

    Always in for a drink with my favorite movie reviewer. If you need any info or assistance let me know upfront so I can see if I can prepare anything. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here! Bring a raincoat though as it’s rainy and cold here lately

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