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London photo of the day: Inside Llewyn Davis gala marquee


Another day, another London Film Festival gala marquee at the Odeon Leicester Square.

In case you missed my tweet, Inside Llewyn Davis is fantastic. Review soon…

  • bronxbee

    i don’t know… these galas don’t look very… gala to me. where are the balloons? the big swinging lights? the fancy food and people in tuxedos?

  • RogerBW

    Yeah… it’s a big poster.

    At least sometimes, I’ve seen the cinemas in Leicester Square do something special for a particular film — a 3-dimension construction rather than just the poster. But I imagine that’s only practical if it’s on for longer than a day.

  • This was at 8:30am. All that stuff comes in the evening, with the actual screening. Which I don’t get to go to. Or, well, I could do the red carpet as press, but that would be boring and depressing as hell.

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