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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London photo of the day: sheep on Southbank


Apparently Anglo-American mutton relations are as good at the moment as Anglo-American confectionary ones are.

The sheep was extremely friendly. Then again, strolling along Southbank — as we all were — can be very relaxing.

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  • bronxbee

    i, for one, welcome the ovis aries, detente.

  • Kathy_A

    When I was in Britain last year, I loved seeing all of the fields of sheep!! Although, looking back, I don’t think I ate any lamb while I was there, which is strange because I think lamb is delicious.

    I got a great picture of a dark brown sheep standing on top of the small bank surrounding Maes Howe in Orkney, in a very “King of the Mountain” pose, that I framed and hung on my wall at home. It cracks me up every time I look at it, because that sheep just looks so snooty!

  • It’s true that there are sheep all over England. You don’t usually meet one walking down the street in London, though.

  • Kathy_A

    You’re right–no sheep in London, at least not in front of the Globe Theatre, which is the only part of Southbank I saw last year (we stayed near the British Museum, and we only went south of the Thames when we went to the Globe to see Taming of the Shrew).
    Next year is Ireland, and I probably won’t be able to get to Europe anytime soon after that, so no more visits to London in my near future, which makes me very sad…

  • RogerBW

    Trying to get Americans to eat lamb? (I understand sheep-meat of any kind is unusual there.)

    Thanks to a contact I made a few months back, I now have half a hogget in the freezer. Now that’s real sheep-meat!

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