the Movie Cheat Sheet email newsletters are getting a slimdown

Recently I mentioned that, come the new year, I’m going to have to start making some hard choices about how crazy I can continue to make myself running this site. I’m basically writing, editing, administering, and publishing on online magazine all on my own, and it requires insane hours that would be hard to justify if I were earning big bucks. It’s much harder to justify absent those big bucks.

One less tough decision to make right now is to scale back the Movie Cheat Sheet email newsletters. I started that little side project almost a year ago in the hopes of drawing in some of the vast majority of people who like movies and want to know which ones are worth seeing yet who aren’t movie geeks. Alas, the Cheat Sheets have gained absolutely no traction at all beyond the readership here.

So, starting with the North American and United Kingdom multiplex editions going out today, you’ll notice some small changes. There will no longer be a featured film with an extended Cheat Sheet — that will be included in the simple straight listing of new and ongoing releases, with traffic-light indicator and brief blurb, with links back to my full review here at FlickFilosopher.com, if one exists. (One of the good things, I think, about the Cheat Sheets for my regular readers is that everything I’ve seen is listed in the newsletters, even if I haven’t posted a review here.) Movies will no longer have their own separate Movie Cheat Sheet pages, and in fact, www.themoviecheatsheet.com will soon cease to exist as a site (it gets next to no traffic anyway). Creating those MCS pages takes more time than you might imagine, and they are an obvious thing to eliminate in my quest to regain my sanity.

If you’d like to start receiving the Movie Cheat Sheets, become a subscriber by clicking on the “XX views left” button at the bottom right of your screen.

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