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die hard is a xmas movie | by maryann johanson

it’s almost not worth taking a break…

I’m still catching up on stuff I didn’t do while I was visiting with my brother here in London and in Amsterdam for ten days or so. Tons of administrative stuff like adding Amazon links for films coming out on DVD, sending out tweets and Facebook links to my reviews for new DVD releases, going through hundreds of emails, and so on. A lot of the work that goes into running a site like this is almost invisible on your end: you may see days going by without new reviews being posted, but there’s hardly ever a day when I’m not working just about nonstop, often for 12 hours or more, on everything required to keep this a going concern.

So if it looks like I’m still away this week… I’m not.

You may think that some of that stuff isn’t necessary. Why do I need to retweet old reviews, for instance? Because investment in social networking can pay off, and you can’t predict when or how. You just have to plug away at at. Maybe I could stop adding Amazon links to reviews? Sure, but they can bring in affiliate revenue if someone clicks through. And I need to find out what’s new on DVD each week for the Movie Cheat Sheet newsletters anyway. Unless I should stop bothering with them, too?

A lot of this stuff — plus also things like the what-to-stream posts, the pages that list what’s new in cinemas and what’s new on DVD, and more — is going to have to go away if I need to pull back on my work here. Which I will have to do unless I get a big bump in subscriptions. A big bump.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but: Please subscribe, which you can do by clicking on the pageview counter in the bottom right of your screen.

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