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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Amsterdam photo of the day: smoke weed and drink


I did not patronize this establishment, in the Red Light District.

My brother (whom I was traveling with) and I, though we are accomplished drinkers, are not into pot, though, having no objection to it, we were up for giving it a go in Amsterdam; when in Rome, etc. But all the places we passed where marijuana was on offer were so unappealing that we couldn’t be bothered.

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  • Reservoir bitch

    You should have tried Easy Times. It’s a very nice and cosy place, right in the centre. The red light district is full of shady places, I rarely go there when I’m in Amsterdam.

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    There aren’t any recreational outlets within 30 miles of my home, but I do drive by a number of Northern Colorado’s medical marijuana dispensaries, many/most of which are in the process of getting recreational licenses. None of them looks like a place I want to go. The ones that aren’t downright skeevy just look, I don’t know, off somehow. It doesn’t help that they give themselves ridiculous, too-on-the-nose names like “Cloud Nine Caregivers” and “The SmithSTONEian Institute” [sic]. You know, the kind of things people come up with while high.

  • RogerBW

    Yeah, places that try to appeal to tourists will appeal to the sort of tourist who thinks “yay, weed” and doesn’t attempt to discriminate.

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