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Doctor Who thing: fan-made Daleks

If you haven’t yet made it to the National Media Museum in Bradford, Yorkshire, for its exhibit “Doctor Who and Me: 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans” (which I’ve mentioned before), you’ve got only two more weeks: the exhibit closes on February 9th.

I was at the opening night of the exhibit back in November, and I figure it’s time to share some thoughts and images from the exhibit. So I’ll be doing that all this week.

Today: Daleks. These, for instance, are not props from actual production but fan-made replicas:



A perhaps less accomplished replica (yet one still made with great love) and an inflatable Dalek (for use as decoys in battle, maybe?):


These completely different inflatable Daleks were not part of the exhibit, but were busy helping decorate the stage for the exhibit’s opening-night open mike event:


This Dalek may be part of the furniture at the museum. If you got close enough, Dalek voice demanded a donation toward the museum’s running (since you pay no admission fee to get in). Note the slot for a pound coin or three between the gun and plunger:


(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • RogerBW

    That last one practically demands a caption competition. “Galactic conquest is not cheap. DONATE. DONATE. DONATE.”

  • Martin

    I took a few pictures myself. I’ll try and upload some.

  • Martin

    Portraits of the Doctor. Love the gap between 8 and 9…

  • Martin

    I loved this sign. There’s a model of Thunderbird 2 elsewhere in the Museum. One day I went, the model was gone, with a sign saying that Thunderbird 2 was off getting fixed. I think that’s my favourite sign ever.

  • Martin

    A good shot of all the Daleks

  • Martin

    Lots of random stuff including a child’s 10 costume.

  • Martin

    Obligatory TARDIS shot….

  • Martin

    A Christmas Angel.

  • Martin

    The entrance had this projector running classic clips. Managed to wait to take a picture just as 11’s saying “Hello, I’m the Doctor.”

  • Martin

    There is a Dalek that is part of the museum, I’m surprised they didn’t move it closer to the exhibit.

  • I deleted them. Upload one, if you like, to share. But it’s not appropriate to hijack the thread with tons of your own stuff. If you’d like to post them on your own blog or tumblr or Flickr or whatever and then post a link here, that’s fine too.

  • Martin

    That’s fine. Sorry.

  • Nigel Breadman

    Here is one we found in our archive http://www.seasphotography.org from 1965, probably at Ramsgate carnival Kent. Daleks became very popular after 1964 we have found quite a few examples where kids were making their own costumes – and so it continues.

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