I’ll be at the National Media Museum for the opening night of the Doctor Who fan exhibit

I’ve mentioned before the National Media Museum in Bradford, Yorkshire, and its upcoming exhibit “Doctor Who and Me: 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans” when the museum was soliciting fan-related material from fans. I submitted my fanzine The Cricketer… and it was accepted! One or both issues will be included in the exhibit, which will run from November 23rd, 2013, through February 9th, 2014.

The museum will be hosting a launch party, open to the public, on Friday, November 22nd, from 7:30pm. There’s also a private preview, earlier in the evening, for those who’ve donated materials, and I’ll be attending that, too. (There’s nothing on the museum’s website yet about this, but it’s happening. Info about the party at the museum’s site.)

I’ll be arriving in Bradford around noon on Friday, staying overnight, and heading back to London early on Saturday afternoon. If you’re in or near Bradford, attending the private or public parties or not, and would like to meet up, leave a comment here. If you have any tips for things to see on a very short trip to the city, I’d like to know those, too. I figure I need to at least see the cathedral and some of the media museum beyond the Doctor Who stuff.

Or just say hello if you see me at the parties!

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