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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

I’ll be at the National Media Museum for the opening night of the Doctor Who fan exhibit

I’ve mentioned before the National Media Museum in Bradford, Yorkshire, and its upcoming exhibit “Doctor Who and Me: 50 Years of Doctor Who Fans” when the museum was soliciting fan-related material from fans. I submitted my fanzine The Cricketer… and it was accepted! One or both issues will be included in the exhibit, which will run from November 23rd, 2013, through February 9th, 2014.

The museum will be hosting a launch party, open to the public, on Friday, November 22nd, from 7:30pm. There’s also a private preview, earlier in the evening, for those who’ve donated materials, and I’ll be attending that, too. (There’s nothing on the museum’s website yet about this, but it’s happening. Info about the party at the museum’s site.)

I’ll be arriving in Bradford around noon on Friday, staying overnight, and heading back to London early on Saturday afternoon. If you’re in or near Bradford, attending the private or public parties or not, and would like to meet up, leave a comment here. If you have any tips for things to see on a very short trip to the city, I’d like to know those, too. I figure I need to at least see the cathedral and some of the media museum beyond the Doctor Who stuff.

Or just say hello if you see me at the parties!

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  • Martin

    As a long time fan of the Media Museum, it’s a shame you’re going after the refit, there seemed to be a whole lot more to it when I was younger.
    For me, the absolute highlight of the museum is the animation section, there’s just a modest treasure trove of memorabilia, including the museum set from the Wallace and Gromit film; The Wrong Trousers.
    There’s a history of photography in the basement that is the biggest section of the museum and is full of historically important and bizarre cameras. The addition of an IMAX screen always makes a trip worth it (if there’s time). The Museum has it’s own Dalek (with a sign telling patrons not to touch it, one of my favourite signs ever) which I’m sure will be moved to the Dr Who exhibit.

    As for Bradford itself, there’s a few galleries dotted around but there’s little within the city itself to see, especially on a short trip. Nearby Leeds has more galleries and museums and you’re at least a half hour train ride from some stunning countryside.

    I think I should be available to go to the party, sounds like it’d be fun.

  • RogerBW

    You probably already know, but Bradford is great for curry. http://www.sheeshmahalbradford.co.uk/ was very good when I was there at Easter.

  • I’ve heard that. I’m not the biggest curry fan ever, but I might have to have some while I’m there.

  • heatherbelles

    Bradford’s the Curry Capital again this year too!

    There’s Cartwright Hall is the nearest to the city centre, I’d say but all the council museum sites can be got to on public transport more or less, if you’re not driving. Also Free!

    But if it’s a flying visit, they might not be an option. Ilkley’s a half-hour to forty minutes trip on the train from Forster Square (and I can promise you a cuppa if you drop into the Manor House… The Literature Festival exhibition is still on if that floats your boat).

    But if it’s a flying visit, they might not be an option.

    Salts Gallery in Saltaire is supposed to be pretty good – and Salts Mill/Saltaire was the very obvious inspiration for Sweetville… (it’s about 5-10 mins from where I live, if that!) (and there are trains to Saltaire, I think you can then walk from Saltaire train station to the Mill fairly easily.

    Typically, my parents are up till the saturday morning that week, so a Friday meetup probably isn’t an option (unless you’re in Ilkley, as I’m working there), as I can’t see Mum being all that fussed about it. (am off to see the screening in the Media Museum on saturday evening though!). I’d have been there like a shot, otherwise!

    Depending on when they head off in the morning, and when you’re leaving I could meet up?

    If we can’t, if you ever fancy a visit up again, let me know and we’ll arrange something….

  • Martin

    You from Ilkley too?

    What are the odds?

    And on a slightly off topic note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z6FMCqYrBo

    New trailer is up.

  • heatherbelles

    I live in in the home of the Fairys… (hence the 5-10mins to Saltaire comment) but work in Ilkley, (part of the week anyway). Small world indeed.

    I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed David Tennant as the Doctor!

  • I won’t have time to do any traveling around. Depending on how much time we have to see the DW exhibit during the preview on Friday night, I might want to return to the museum on Saturday morning to see more of it. If you’re around we could get a coffee or something. My return train leaves a little after 1pm.

  • heatherbelles

    Ah, I’ll probably only just have waved off the parental units at that point, sadly. It’s shame, but if you’ve ever back up in the area, we can arrange something if you’d like! (Haworth’s always pretty….)

  • I would like! Thank you.

  • heatherbelles

    Excellent, I’ll look forward to it. In the meantime, I’d recommend packing something warm to wear, it was -1 on the drive home tonight from Ilkley, and although bright and sunny all day it was never particularly warm!

    I follow you on facebook too, so that might be the easiest way of contacting me should you be heading back up this way, just send me a DM there.

    As I said, Haworth’s lovely if a bit touristy ! But there’s also Cliffe Castle in Keighley, Saltaire, stuff in Ilkley, things like the Keighkey and Worth Valley railway – so many films/tv series past and present have use them and the stations, the Railway Children and North and South (Richard Armitage one), although I’ve yet to go on it myself…. (it’d be a great excuse to though if I was accompanying you….).

    Might want to avoid it July 5th & 6th though, unless you’re into Bikes…..

  • Martin

    Went to see the exhibition and I’m kind of worried at just how freaked out standing next to a life-size TARDIS made me.

    There were some really nice touches, especially the bit where they list how each Doctor regenerated, even Capaldi.

  • Danielm80

    Was there a sign that said “SPOILERS”?

  • bronxbee

    one of the embarrassingly great moments of my life was at the Doctor Who experience, when the TARDIS “materialized” and the doors opened into the control room. i cried. really.

  • Martin

    No, but there were better, funnier signs.

    There’s a little nod to John Hurt’s Doctor that was kind of poignant but my favourite bit was a sign next to all the fan made Daleks claiming that they were all made for varying reasons. What reasons are there to build a Dalek?

    I’m going back with my camera so I might upload a few.

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