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I was excited about the possibilities of VOD for indie films until I read this

In a piece at The New York Times about the likelihood that many of the films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival — which starts on Thursday — will skip theatrical distribution and be released on demand, I found this, buried way at the bottom:

[M]ost filmmakers have a more pessimistic view of digital distribution, saying that the money from those deals does not routinely reach them.

That comes 892 words into an 1120-word piece. That is what we call burying the lede.

So, for 892 words, when we thought we were reading about how indie filmmakers are maybe going to survive in an era when no one seems to want to pay for stuff, we were actually reading about how middlemen are going to make money off filmmakers by not paying them for their stuff.

Now I’m depressed again.

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