Huffington Post has no shame

Stuff like this is why I refer to the site as HuffPOS. From Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood:

When the Little Gals Get Stepped On: How Huff Po Stole from Women and Hollywood

Last night I got an email from a friend with a link to a Huffington Post piece he thought I would be interested in. I clicked on it and to my immediate alarm, I realized it was a piece that had been published several hours earlier on Women and Hollywood by our Oscar columnist.

The Huffington Post stole the entire piece, word for word. They did not even change the title (though they did change the picture), and most egregiously, they did not mention that the post had been written for and published by another site. It was just posted like they owned it. They credited the writer Susan Wloszczyna and used a bio and picture that they took from her writing on RogerEbert.com.

Let me make this clear. Whoever it was that did this, they did not ask either the writer or myself — the founder and editor of the site — for permission to post a piece written and paid for by Women and Hollywood. How ironic is it that a site that does not pay for posts actually stole an article that had been paid for?

Bad enough HuffPOS overwhelms the Web with crap content that uses SEO tricks and sheer numbers to crowd out smaller sites. But to outright steal the content of those smaller sites? Bastards.

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