do major nominations or awards help you decide which movies to see?


The Golden Globes are over for this year — American Hustle was the big winner, including the awesome Amy Adams for best actress a comedy or musical; see Variety for the full list of winners — and the Oscar nominations will be announced this Thursday, January 16th. So now we’ll be hearing about the Oscar bump, the boost in box office that appears to accompany movies that receive Academy Award nominations and wins. And clearly film publicists believe Golden Globe noms and wins help, too, because they certainly end up splayed all over gushing ads for those films.

But how widespread is that phenomenon? Does it impact only very casual moviegoers, whose awareness of films may be somewhat limited and hence more impacted by awards coverage in the general press? Do more serious moviegoers — as I presume most of you reading this are — find themselves influenced in the same way?

Do major nominations or awards help you decide which movies to see? Why, or why not? Do multiple noms or awards from different awards-giving bodies make any difference?

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