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there’s a reason why there are so many fantastic British (and Canadian, and Australian) actors

An article at Good to Be Bad called “A Complete Guide to the Brits Who Will Steal the Major Film Awards from Americans” dredges up the age-old question of why there are so many awesome British actors working in Hollywood (and Canadian and Australian and New Zealander actors, too).

This isn’t the only reason, but it’s a big one:

Nationalized health care.

It means you can spend your 20s (and 30s, and beyond) pursuing a creative career without worrying about getting sick or about taking care of your family’s health.

It’s a lot harder to be an actor — or have any kind of creative career — in the United States. And a lot riskier. Which is why fewer people can pursue acting to the same level that wannabes in other countries are able to.

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