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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

new ways to keep up with comments in Disqus

Are you aware of the new features available to you in Disqus, the commenting system?

The top of the comments section now looks a little different. You’ll notice a little red balloon with a number in it just to the left of your Disqus username:


Those are new responses to comments you’ve left (not just on FlickFilosopher.com but on any site that uses Disqus). Click on that red balloon, and you’ll get something like this:


The little blue line to the left of the comment means it’s new. If you scroll down your list, you’ll see comments without the blue line, meaning they’re old ones that you’ve already checked.

Remember, this section shows only replies in response to your own comments, not all new comments. (You can still see all new comments at FlickFilosopher here. Unfortunately, that shows only the 25 most recent comments. I wish there was a way to increase that, but there isn’t.)

If you click the Favorite star at the top, right under your username (in the main comments panel, not in the notifications panel), you can be notified by email of all new comments (not just replies to yours) in the threads you’ve Favorited. See this Disqus Help article about Disqus Digests for more information on that, including how to customize the email notifications you receive.

Thank you to everyone who comments. I’m very proud of the community here. I think it’s one of the smartest, sanest film discussions on the web, and that’s thanks to all of you who post such interesting, funny, wise comments.

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