subscription drive update and testimonial from reader and subscriber Chris

The 321 new subscribers I’m looking for in February has nudged down to 307.

I’m asking for only US$5 per month. That’s about £3.50 in the U.K. It’s about the price of a single latte. It’s less than a movie ticket or a DVD. It’s less than a single new-release streaming rental, and less than what you’re paying for Netflix every month. And I’m helping you make the most of how you spend your movie money and your valuable time.

I cannot overstate how much I need substantial reader support to continue pumping out the reviews and commentary I pump out on a regular basis. If you can find a film critic who gives you more than I do, it’s because they’re getting a nice cushy paycheck from a corporate overlord. I don’t have that. And I think I’d have to be a helluva lot less idiosyncratic if I did.

More info on the subscription drive.

Reader and subscriber Chris, whose subscription just got a bump up from $2 per month to $5, says:

You are the family’s go-to reviewer for movies & much of our geeky entertainment options and want to do our part to support you.

Thanks, Chris.

I’d love to post testimonials from other subscribers. Send them here.

And I need more readers to subscribe. Which you can do by clicking here. Or click on the pageview counter in the bottom right corner. Or wait for the reminder popup that will appear after every couple of pageviews.

I can’t keep doing this without you. Yes, you.

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