Doctor Who thing: attend a free masterclass in makeup and FX in Cardiff on March 29th


On Saturday, March 29th, BBC Radio is hosting a slew of events across the U.K. and on air called Character Invasion. It’s a

celebration of how the characters we love have been written, created and bought to life with a day of free events in all the BBC sites that make Radio Drama.

One of the events, taking place in Cardiff, is:

A masterclass with NEILL GORTON (director of Millenium FX, the Bafta award winning make-up and special effects company). An incredible insight into how some of TV’s best-loved monsters and aliens from Doctor Who and Wizards vs Aliens are created.

Tickets are free, but you have to apply for them in a random drawing. You can request up to four tickets, but under 16s must be accompanied, and no one under 8 will be admitted. More info here.

Good luck!

Image from Lancashire & North West Magazine.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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