Doctor Who thing: Lego now accepting Doctor Who fan-created projects

The things I learn all at once! I had no idea that Lego had a system in place for accepting submissions from fans for kit ideas. I had no idea that Lego had to automatically refuse any submissions based on some licensed properties because of conflicts with other parties. I had no idea that Doctor Who was one of those licensed properties Lego had to refuse (though that makes sense in retrospect, because we hadn’t been seeing official Lego Doctor Who sets like we had with things like with Back to the Future, Minecraft, X-Menand so on). I learned all this stuff when I discovered (via CNET) that Lego no longer has a conflict with Doctor Who, and so it is now able to accept Doctor Who-based fan submissions.

So, you can now go to Lego Cuusoo and submit your own suggestions for Doctor Who Lego kits, and lend your support to projects such as this one, which includes a TARDIS interior and exterior:


A console-room playset:


And the Doctor versus Daleks and Davros:



(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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