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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

you have to see this Australian Muppets Most Wanted TV ad

Studios quoting random people on Twitter needed a takedown, and this is it:

Muppets Most Wanted opens Down Under today. Which is already yesterday for them. Whoa.

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  • LaSargenta



    Well, is THIS the future of advertising? It is funny here, but, really, I don’t want anyone to get any stupid IDEAS, ya know?

  • Too late. They already have those ideas.

  • althea

    BIG toothy grin! I wonder why it isn’t running here. (U.S.) (Or even GB, I guess)

  • dommyinla

    movie is so much fun. songs. silly. like the early ones caper and manahattan

  • Froborr

    That commercial was significantly better than the movie it’s advertising. What a letdown that cynical pile of mediocrity was after the warmth and playfulness of the last one.

  • RogerBW

    How well advertising works seems completely unrelated to how well it’s made. Might as well make it cheaply and keep the money for more coke for the “creative” team.

  • Rob

    Couldn’t disagree more. MUPPETS MOST WANTED was the wild, carefree, sort of madcap Muppet adventure that Jim Henson would’ve produced. The previous one, although I liked it, treated the Muppets far too reverently. It wasn’t a Muppet movie so much as a movie about what the Muppets mean to its adoring fans. It was lovely but also much more sentimental and melancholy than the Muppets ever were, particularly for an entire film. The Muppets breaking up and not speaking for 20 years or so? A depressed Kermit? No, no, no! MUPPETS MOST WANTED, on the other hand, has a zip and bite to it that calls to mind Henson’s work on THE MUPPET SHOW and the three original Muppet films. It’s off-the-wall, enormously inventive, and still manages to have immense heart at the same time. That is what the Muppets were really about.

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