this is what my email Movie Cheat Sheets look like

If you like my reviews and find them handy in determining which movies you will see and which you’ll skip, you might find my twice-weekly Movie Cheat Sheet emails useful. One MCS goes out early in the week and lets you know which films I’ve reviewed are new on DVD and streaming, including which films are newly arrived on Netflix to stream. The other MCS goes out late in the week and reminds you which films I’ve reviewed are opening in theaters. There are editions for both North America and the United Kingdom.

The Movie Cheat Sheets are free to subscribers — you can subscribe by clicking here — and you can take choose to take all versions (US/Can + UK, multiplex + DVD/streaming) or any combination of them.

(If you’re already a subscriber and you’ve lost the MCS signup link, email me and I’ll resend it.)

Here’s this week’s U.K. DVD/streaming edition, just for an example. (This is a screengrab of the email, so the links won’t work; they do in the actual email, of course.)


Like the looks of that? Become a subscriber and get it as a bonus.

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