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oh my god, newsreels! British Pathé archive now on YouTube

In case you missed the recent announcement, news archive British Pathé has just uploaded more than a century’s worth of footage — 85,000 films (according to Variety) — to YouTube. This astonishing historical resource is now available to everyone to watch. It’s stuff like this 1945 newsreel about a bomber crashing into the Empire State Building in New York:

Check out the melodrama in the narration of footage of the Hindenburg disaster:

And lest you think the news only got goofy in recent years, have a browse around the videos about weird stuff, funny animals, celebrities, sports, including “Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins Mr Universe (1969)” and “How To Improve Immigrants’ English (1940s Instructional Film).”

Check out the whole massive archive, and be prepared to lose a few hours. Ooo, a drive around London in 1970

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