before you see Godzilla, watch this atmospheric SF short from director Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards first made a splash with a 2008 short created as part of the Sci Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, during which teams of filmmakers have two days to take a film from concept to completion. The finished film must include the use of an assigned prop (for this team, a clear bottle with red or green liquid), one specific line of dialogue (“I am required to carry out this task until completion: your orders do not override anything”), and a particular title (“Factory Farmed”). This is what they came up with:

That was made in two days. Incredible.

Want more Godzilla homework? Check out Edwards’ 2010 feature debut, Monsters, made on the road, guerilla style, with minimal crew. Spoiler: It’s about how we as a culture respond to monsters in our midst.

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