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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

House Windsor wants the Iron Throne


This is not Photoshopped. This just happened on live TV.

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  • Bluejay

    I hope some reporter asked her which character she identifies with, or what her favorite lines are. (Or if she’d like to bring back trial by combat!) I’d love to know.

  • I don’t think reporters get to ask the Queen any questions! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen.

  • Bluejay

    Here’s video (via io9). She got to meet the cast too! Nice.


  • Yup, some of the cast was there. We didn’t get to hear their exchanges with her, but I suppose some of them may have something to report later. (Nothing yet on Lena Headey’s Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/IAMLenaHeadey ! I tweeted at her to ask what she said.)

  • RogerBW

    “Not bad, but We will keep to the real thing.”

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