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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

some words (and a video) of advice for guys at Comic-Con this weekend

Not all guys. Just the ones who need to hear it. You know who you are.

First this, on how to tell the difference between fake geek girls and real geek girls. (Spoiler alert: Fake geek girls are some kind of twisted fantasy who exist only in the mind of geek boys who are afraid to talk to women.)

These guys are adorable, and they get it. I wish they’d been around when I was a (real) geek (teenaged) girl: when I wanted to join in guys’ D&D games, they wouldn’t let me, because I was a girl.

And then there is this reminder from The Telegraph: “Comic-Con clamps down on sexual harassment.”

Here’s a hint for those guys who need to hear it: Yes, you are still allowed to look at attractive people, and flirting is not forbidden. But if you don’t understand the difference between genuine flirting and appreciative compliments offered with no expectation of anything in return and playful banter with an enthusiastic other party, and being a creepy pervy rando jerk, learn.

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