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how to find out what’s streaming now that I’ve abandoned you

My final what-to-stream post just went up. If you’ll miss then, be sure to check out the newly rejiggered homepage, which will now include a listing of new and recent films available on DVD and/or to stream.

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  • RogerBW

    Is it going to be possible to get this information through an RSS feed? (Fair enough if not.)

  • I have no idea how I would do that.

  • How does this look in the RSS feed to you:


    Also: Do I recall correctly, that you said that when an older post is updated, it does not show up in your RSS feed? Cuz the easiest thing to do would be to simple update this post each week, rather than creating a new post… but obviously if it’s not going to get to the RSS users, there would be no point.

  • RogerBW

    That new and ongoing dvd & streaming releases post looks ideal. Yes, I don’t get updated posts showing up as new items in the RSS feed; now that I’m subscribed to the daily digest mail I can always go and chase them up anyway, I just don’t have the old posts archived (as I do with the Movie Cheat Sheets) so that I can check back to see when something was first mentioned.

  • All right. Sounds like a happy compromise to simply update the streaming-listing post each week and include it in the daily digest. (I’ll do a similar post for theatrical releases, too.)

  • RogerBW

    Thank you.

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