some small rejiggering of little things round these parts

You may have noticed that yesterday, I shuffled around some stuff here:

• The box for searching the site has moved into the nav bar at the far top of every page. (It was previously lost among the sidebar.) And now search results will appear in a popup, not in a new separate page.

• Icons with links for following me on social networks have moved to under the main nav bar, which is under the site logo. (They were also previously lost among the sidebar.) I also added links for my new tumblr, Cats Review Movies, and Amazon Author Page on Amazon US. I also have an Amazon UK Author Page, which is basically the same.

• I added a signup form for the Daily Digest mailing list to under that main nav bar. (Another instance of that signup form remains in the sidebar, because there’s room there to explain a little bit about the mailing list.)

• I added a second level to that main nav bar, which includes some links that were previously hidden in dropdown menus, and a link to a new page, Shop to Support, which has my affiliate links to various regional Amazon sites and the different iTunes sites (for movies/TV, books, apps, and music), all of which will work in any countries that have their own iTunes stores (which is, at the moment, 156 of them, so almost all). I hope you’ll use these links when you shop — it helps me without costing you a single penny.

Basically, these were all things that needed to be more prominent, and I hope this shuffling has achieved that. Sorry if it’s unsettling — I know change can be scary.

Finally, there’s the icons on each post that you use for sharing my work on your social networks. The plugin I had been using had some serious problems, and was no longer being supported by its developer anyway. So now you’ll find the new sharing icons at the bottom of each post. I’m not sure I’m totally happy with this new service — I kind of miss the sharing links to the left of each post — so I may keep looking around for something better. Sharing icons will stay at the bottom of posts, though, so as not to be confused with the icons for following me at the top of each page.

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