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ads are gone again, probably for good

So, after an experiment of a couple of months with running banner ads, I’ve taken them down. I was spending too much time playing whack-a-mole with the hideous ads (even after setting up my ad account to NOT SHOW objectionable ads), and even the non-hideous ads are a blight on the site. All that for a measly $40, $50 per month. That pitiful amount does not improve my bottom line at all.

Unless someone comes to me with an offer to, I dunno, sponsor the site or something for a generous figure in exchange for showing some tasteful ads, I guess I’m done with ads until the entire Internet economy turns around.

Oh, and there was this, too: The number of ad impressions was much lower than the number of pageviews, which means that a significant portion of the readership here is blocking ads. I don’t know how those folks imagine all this work gets paid for, because most of them aren’t subscribers, either.

Thanks, anyway, to those of you who do subscribe and/or didn’t block the ads.

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