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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London photo: Paddington about town


In honor of Paddington Bear’s arrival on the big screen, there’s a bunch of decorated Paddingtons hanging out around London. This one is in Piccadilly Circus. You can see the rest of them at The Paddington Trail.

These art trails — like the book benches that were around this summer — are getting a little out of hand. There’s another one happening now featuring miniature double-decker buses that have been fancied up… and one of them is practically fighting with the Piccadilly Paddington for attention:


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  • bronxbee

    that was going on here for quite a while: we had cows, we had apples, we had other things seemed like forever — i don’t see anything like this now, and we could use the rest, frankly!

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