this is the mindset my Kickstarter is up against

This might sound like something out of the Victorian era, but it was written this morning:

This is asinine and ultimately won’t reach anywhere. Only women care about women and still not enough of them do. It’s an old and tired argument. Your life will be much easier and unfold much more smoothly when you learn to accept the natural order of things. A woman is a woman and a woman is not and never will be equal to a man. Accept it and continue with your life. As for this “how women are represented in movies” nonsense. I feel women have come a long, long way from how it used to be. For petes sake you have entire titles dedicated to women. “Elektra,” “Marie Antoinette,” “Pretty in Pink.” And that’s just a few. Then there are cartoons that depict women in roles of power and leadership like “She-Ra: Princess of Power,” or “Wonder Woman.” You’re lucky, cause you could have been born back in the generation where women didn’t have even a fraction of the privilege and rights they do now. Stop it and just accept your bloody roll in the universe. It’s like a common house cat trying to be seen and respected and feared as a lion. Just stop.

In case he deletes it:


For the record, this is the only bloody roll I am prepared to accept:


It’s a plastic tablecloth from Oriental Trading. Very cool!

(The Kickstarter still needs some help. A pledge of even one dollar would be hugely appreciated.)

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