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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

do I have any readers in Antarctica (now or in the past)?

I’ve been wondering this forever and meaning to ask forever. And Antarctica: A Year on Ice prompts me to finally do it.

So: Have you (or someone you know) ever accessed this site from the bottom of the world? I can’t tell, because Antarctica doesn’t have its own IP addresses (speaking of which: someone get on that). I’m especially curious because, as I look back over the traffic to this site over the past five years (to pick a date range at random), I see traffic from every single country on the planet, including places like the Central African Republic and Greenland and Papua New Guinea and Syria. And in 2014, the only countries not to send any traffic my way (so far) are the disputed territory of Western Sahara and Turkmenistan, which apparently has “the least developed [Internet services] in Central Asia.” (If you’re checking in from one of those places, I’d love to know!)

Anyone in Antarctica?

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