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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

young man frets that I am “kick[ing] up a fuss” with my Kickstarter

I shall grab my smelling salts! Goodness!

Id say there are plenty of films with badass female leads. I dont see a need to kick up a fuss. Men play stories about a male character, women play stories about female characters. I dont see any bias

In case he deletes it:


What a coincidence that a young white man doesn’t “see any bias” in representation of people onscreen who don’t look like him. Fascinating.

(The Kickstarter has been fully funded, and is now into stretch-goal territory. You have till tomorrow night to help me kick up a fuss.)


  • Bluejay

    Interesting also that he focuses on “badass female leads.” We don’t need all female characters to be Black Widow. We need more female characters who are all kinds of people — same as the men.

  • Probably badass women are the only ones he would want to watch onscreen. Or else he cannot even conceive of stories that might be about women that aren’t action movies.

  • Danielm80

    He probably thinks we’re all militant feminists and want tough, liberated, take-charge women we can point to as role models. He may also think that we want the female characters to be flawless, so the movie sends an unequivocally feminist message. But flawed characters are much more entertaining, as long as their flaws aren’t just stereotypes and clichés.

    Tough women make great characters, but a lot of the appeal is that we hardly ever see women like that onscreen. A woman working quietly at an interesting job can also be a role model. A woman painting a mural or making up a song can be a role model, if she’s a complex, intriguing person who finds fulfillment in what she’s doing. And if a movie focused on a woman like that–instead of putting her in the story to support the male lead–it would be much more interesting than yet another blockbuster action film.

  • Women can be tough and flawed too! Just like men!

  • Danielm80

    But if they’re flawed, how will we know they’re badass? Not everybody wears a leather suit like Kate Beckinsdale.

  • LaSargenta



    (Nope, wasn’t me. But, it was an awesome (truly) surprise when I checked it.)

    If we’d have emoticons here, I’d be using the little hoping yellow figure with hands clasped over the head in a Rocky Victory pose!!

  • Beowulf

    Say now, Missy, don’t fret yore purdy head about issues best left to us Menfolk–‘specially if’n yore hitched and got a God-mandated head of the family to protect you and the young’uns. Now why don’t you get yoreseff back in the kitchen and cook up a passel of grub for those hungry men who bring home the bacon.

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