Star Trek Continues is Kickstarting…


I’m a big fan of Star Trek Continues, the incredible fan-produced project to finish the last two years of the original U.S.S. Enterprise’s five-year mission. After three amazing episodes, the crew is almost ready to go with Episode 4. Principle photography is completed, I am informed, and it is slated to debut in the spring.

But the extraordinary quality of Star Trek Continues means they’re not cheap to produce. So the production is running a Kickstarter — er, rather, a Kirkstarter — to raise the funds to finish Episode 4… and to produce Episode 5.

I am not alone in my love of Star Trek Continues, so it’s not at all surprising to see that the Kirkstarter has already met its $100,000 goal, with two weeks still left to go. But there are some really cool stretch goals on the horizon. I like this one:

• $175,000 • You want us to visit “planets” — and so do we! If we hit our stretch goal of $175,000, we can build additional sets… and our away team — complete with red shirts — can explore new worlds.

That would be awesome. But if nothing else, we definitely have two more episodes coming soon. *geek squee*

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