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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

is less than a buck a week too much to help you decide which movies are worth your time?

Reader Iain recently renewed his subscription, which he had originally started at $25 per year (before I implemented the paywall), at the Tinypass annual rate of $49.99. This is what he told me when he renewed:

I must admit I did have a think before I renewed it. It has doubled in price since I first subscribed and I had to work out if I wanted to pay that amount but the factors that made me renew were that I enjoy your writing, I’m largely in alignment with your sensibility and, I do use your website when I’m looking for a movie to watch. Those factors, along with the fact that I do believe people should be paid for their work, especially if it’s of high quality, when stacked up, made me realize $1/week was actually good value. In fact, now that I write down my rationale I’m wondering why I was being such a cheapskate. Forgive me, it’s my Scottish background.

(Shared with his permission, of course.)

As I said to Iain, I know that what I’m selling is a luxury item for most people. I know that money is tight for too many of us. But movies remain one of the best escapes when times are tough, and I can help guide you toward movies that will be worth your time (also in short supply for too many people!) and money.

(Lest there be any misunderstanding about how things are on my end: Film criticism may be a luxury item, but it does not result in me living a luxurious lifestyle. Far from it: I’m scrambling merely to live like a student, which I am way too old to be doing. I share a house with a bunch of people whom I don’t really know. My tiny bedroom is also my office, dining room, and living room. It’s really getting me down, and it’s hard to be as productive as I could be like this.)

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