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maryann johanson, not crying

“you should probably kill yourself”

I received this feedback on Facebook last night:


I have no idea what this guy is upset about, but I presume he disagrees with me about a movie. I’m not sure which is more sad: If he truly thinks I must hate life enough to kill myself because I didn’t see the same things in a movie that he did, or if he’s just “joking.”

He deleted his Facebook page after I posted this on Facebook and Twitter last night (and also after I reported him as abusive), so perhaps he is ashamed.

Something is desperately wrong with the world when this sort of abuse — vile and violent and hurled at total strangers over a difference of opinion regarding entertainment — is so prevalent. When so many people lack purpose and direction in their lives that they seek it in attacking others, we have failed those people. (I can only imagine that the reason people attack others like this is because it makes them feel better about themselves, for some perverse reason.) And we have failed to harness whatever unique energies and talents they could bring to the world. I truly believe that, a very few outliers aside, everyone wants to feel useful and wants to spend their time doing work that is meaningful to them. And when they don’t have that, they try to create it… and sometimes that takes a form that looks twisted to the rest of us.

We are killing ourselves slowly by failing so many people like this.

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