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if you subscribe to FlickFilosopher.com via Amazon…

This applies to only a small group of readers who have been supporting the site financially via a monthly or yearly subscription paid through Amazon Payments. (These subscriptions predate the Tinypass paywall.) If this doesn’t apply to you, you can safely skip this post.

For everyone still here: Amazon will be discontinuing its current payment system on June 1st, and the new one it is transitioning to does not have subscription capability. If you have a FlickFilosopher subscription currently with Amazon, it will not function or renew after June 1st. (If you haven’t already gotten an email from Amazon about this, you probably will soon.)

I’ve emailed all the subscribers who will be affected, but some have bounced back. Please check your email, and if you don’t see anything from me regarding this issue, you can get in touch at maryann@flickfilosopher.com.

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