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London photos: where would Sherlock catch a flick?


If I had to buy a ticket to see Mr. Holmes — which I did; I couldn’t wrangle an invite to a press screening — I figured I might as well see it on Baker Street.

Which is just around the corner from Sherlock Mews:


For the tourists, I presume.

  • bronxbee

    it would have been wrong to see it anywhere else.

  • Beowulf

    Is this the Sir Ian movie?

  • Yes it is. Review soon.

  • Beowulf

    Is that a stand-alone, single-screen theater?
    What’s it cost an adult in the evening? Believe it or not, a regular adult (I’m a Senior Citizen) ticket in State College PA is now $10.75! It goes up every April or May just before “blockbuster” season.

  • It has two screens. Quite small. Standard adults tickets are £14.50 (in the evening; £12 during the day). That’s about $23. And that’s about average for central London.

  • Beowulf

    Wow…$23! At least they still provide the complementary mid-movie meal, drinks extra.

  • Ha. That would be nice.

    A small popcorn was £3 (almost $5). But it *was* freshly popped, not that factory crap you get in most places.

  • Ann

    Wrangle an invite to a press screening? How do you get in to these advanced screenings in the first place — do you get to see many free movies?

  • LaSargenta

    She is part of the press. Check out her About page, the link is at the top. Sometimes, though, a distributor or film company limits who they want at their screenings to just reviewers they think will be guaranteed to write happy words. (See previous discussion on this site over the years about MAJ and Disney.)

  • I’m a professional film critic. I have relationships with the PR agencies that handle film. I see most films at press screenings or via online screening links. Sometimes, though, I have to buy a ticket, either because I couldn’t make a screening or simply wasn’t invited to a screening at all. It’s difficult to know why the PRs are sometimes pickier when it comes to letting press see (or not see) some films. I’m not sure what the issue with *Mr Holmes* was, beyond the fact that it was being handled by an agency that hasn’t always been very accommodating for me, for reasons that I have never gotten an adequate explanation for.

  • RogerBW

    Sherlock Mews used to be York Mews South; apparently it was renamed in 1937.

  • That’s not as recent as I imagined!

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