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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

meet the Angry Woman Power Beaver

If you’ve been following the charming collection Gendered Abuse I Have Received, then you have already encountered the Angry Woman Power Beaver. A reminder for those who do not wish to dip into that morass of festering hate:


Now, reader BraveGamgee has put colored pencil (I think) to paper to produce this bit of gloriousness:


My superhero alter ego! Thank you, BraveGamgee!

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  • LaSargenta

    I liked that the first time I saw it. Now she just needs a series of adventures…many of which actually have nothing in particular to do with her being female!

  • BraveGamgee

    That idea sounds like waaaay too much fun. I think I may need to make a side project of that. Now to figure out what MaryAnn’s superpowers are… oh, and an arch nemesis! Gotta have an arch nemesis

  • LaSargenta

    Someone who doesn’t like dams?

  • BraveGamgee

    Hmmm, maybe some kind of malevolent river god/goddess?

  • Danielm80

    A sea god with a huge trident?


    I found pictures that were even less subtle.

  • LaSargenta


  • LaSargenta

    My, what a big fork you’ve got!

  • Jeffrey Wells, whose entire reason d’etre as a film commentator is to discuss how unhot and disgusting so many women are: http://www.donotlink.com/dnjb

  • bronxbee

    yes, that was going to be my suggestion too… but we need to think up a good arch villain name for him!

  • RogerBW

    The Flaming D… perhaps not.

  • BraveGamgee

    For some reason, I feel like his villainous form would be that of a pig…

  • Tonio Kruger

    Or Thetis, better known to Ray Harryhausen fans as the mother of Clash of the Titans villain Calibos and the Releaser of Krakens.

  • Aw, but pigs are smart and resourceful.

  • BraveGamgee

    I have no idea what inspired me to do this today, but I felt like drawing a few antagonists for Angry Woman Power Beaver

    This first one is no villain at all, but is rather part of the well-meaning Law Enforcement in Rotten Tomato City. Highly suspicious of Power Beaver’s heroic deeds, and fearful of balance being maintained they are constantly accusing her of breaking the laws of RTC in hopes to get her banned from their fair city, but have yet to catch her doing anything that is actually against their laws. They tend to be vocal, yet ineffectual

    And yes, the character design is lovingly ripped off of Veggie Tales

  • BraveGamgee

    The Objectivity

    Little is known about the circumstances behind the creation of these sad creatures. The self-named creatures are built with an innate fear that they don’t fit in the world due to their abstract form, and they try to fight this fear by blindly stating that they represent pure objectivity, and the rest of the world is nonsensical and odd. They hope to change all living things into abstract forms to more closely resemble themselves so they can feel more comfortable with the objective world they have created for themselves.

  • BraveGamgee

    Miss O’Ginny

    An ancient and powerful intergalactic demon. Miss O’Ginny has spent countless generations infecting the minds of the denizens of Earth to believe that women are not equal to men for no other reason than because it thinks it’s fun. Though O’Ginny is technically without gender, it feels that calling itself “Miss” is the height of humour (O’ Ginny has a monumentally stupid sense of humour), because no one can ever fight it if it identifies as female (this is its idea of logic). Most of O’Ginny’s servants are entirely unaware of the fact that they are serving it, and would be amongst the first to say that no such creature exists (which is how O’Ginny likes it). Various warriors have been called up around the world through generations to fight Miss O’Ginny’s evil, including the Angry Power Beaver. Can Miss O’GInny ever be entirely defeated? Will it be in this generation? One can only hope…

  • Danielm80

    You could draw villains who are mindless creatures. (Maybe they removed their brains and installed some sort of electronic devices.) They want to force everyone they meet to shut off their brains, too. They figure the world will be a happier place if people stop overthinking things. Everyone can just sit back and enjoy a movie.

  • BraveGamgee

    Mangel the Man-Angel

    Always shedding a tear for the plight of white straight men. As the self-proclaimed defender of all men, Mangel is constantly getting in Power Beaver’s way when she is trying to fight Miss O’Ginny, as he believes that Power Beaver is evil, and planning to destroy all men. Mangel believes himself to be a super-hero, and Power Beaver to be his nemesis (Power Beaver just looks at him as an annoying thorn in her side). Phrases starting with “Not *all* men…” and “Man-hating lesbian” are often heard from Man-Angel. Will Mangel ever find out that the men he’s defending are in no danger whatsoever? Will he believe that the existence of Miss O’Ginny isn’t all in Power Beaver’s head? Will he join in the fight?

  • BraveGamgee

    YES! I love that idea

  • BraveGamgee

    I have not, but that is amazing!

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