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something new at the bottom of my reviews…

…though you can pretty much ignore it.

I spent much of today rejigging some behind-the-scenes code here so that my reviews will (hopefully) appear in a smarter form at Google and other search engines, like this:


That is, with a star rating based on my review. There’s no guarantee that the search engines will choose to show results from my site this way, but if they do, it could give me a boost in traffic. Apparently marking up web content this way — using the Schema.org protocol — is always good, and in my case, hardly any film criticism sites are using this sort of markup, so it could bump my reviews up the Google results.

It’s worth a shot, anyway.

What it means, though, is that my traffic-light ratings have to be translated into star ratings for this purpose. So you’ll see something like this — from my review of Minions — at the foot of reviews from now on:


It doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning my traffic-light ratings. This is purely mercenary.

I hope it works.

(I think there’s a way I can do this for the Where Are the Women? posts, too, so I might try that.)

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