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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

if you want to talk about a movie or TV show I haven’t posted about…

Try as I might, I simply cannot keep up with every movie ever; you should see the long list I have of Want To Watch movies just from this year alone, and that list doesn’t even include the wide releases I haven’t gotten to yet but definitely will because I have to for the Where Are the Women? project. And because of the trying-to-keep-up-with-movies thing, I watch hardly any TV, and I know there’s good stuff there I’m missing and never have a chance to write about.

Anyway, in response to my essay about Hannibal — which I simply had to say something about because it’s just so differentreader MarkyD commented (as part of a larger conversation happening in the comments):

[N]o one I know talks about TV shows(or even movies) much at all. It sucks when you watch something compelling/exhilarating/disturbing, etc. and have no one(REAL) to talk to about it.

I hear that. But we’ve got a smart, engaged community here, so here’s a little something I can do:

If there’s a TV show or movie that you would like to talk about with the FlickFilosopher.com community, and there’s no place to talk about it because I haven’t posted a review or anything else about, ask me to start an open thread for it. I’ll note that it was requested by you, and you can chat away to your heart’s content.

Of course, these posts will not be behind the paywall.

I’m on the fence about allowing requests for open threads for non film or TV projects, but if there’s a graphic novel or book or videogame you’d like to discuss, try me; I may decide based on how well-known the thing is. (I don’t think very obscure things will garner much interest among other members of the community here.)

I reserve the right to deny a request for an open thread, like if I don’t think the request has been made in good faith. (I probably won’t look kindly on anyone asking for an open thread for a project they’re involved in, for instance. Unless you’re already a member of the community here. I like sharing what you guys are doing.) But I will try to err on the side of giving the benefit of the doubt. So ask away!

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