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Nigel in Paris: a walk through the Marais

Nigel and I are back in London, but we still have plenty of photos to share from our trip. Like these of our stroll through the Marais, a neighborhood on the Right Bank that is brimming with history and vibrant with modern energy. It is a place of impressive buildings (which Nigel always enjoys posing in front of), such as Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis Church:


And the National Archives:


And of course the modern Centre Pompidou, home of contemporary art


and funky fountains:


There are quaint winding streets


crammed with interesting shops


and cafes:


(Though it’s not clear in the photo, that restaurant is called Chez Marianne, which Nigel thought was funny for some reason.)

This place, Super Heroes, is one of the many comic-book shops we stopped in during our visit to Paris:


(Our traveling companion, my brother Ken, is a major comic-book devotee, and went home to New York with a pile of French comics.)

The Marais is also home to the superawesome Metro stop Arts et Métiers (on the 11 line, not the 3 line that also stops there), which is done up in steampunk style:



This is in honor of the nearby Arts et Métiers museum, which is dedicated to inventors and inventions, which we did not have time to visit. Perhaps next time.

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